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Don't Miss Out on Mobile

In todays mobile-crazed world it's more important than ever been that your website is mobile optimized. With mobile internet consumption skyrocketing you simply can’t wait to make your website mobile friendly. 

Some business owners assume people only use their mobile devices while they're looking for restaurants or getting directions to an address. They make the mistake of thinking their particular business doesn't need to be accessible via mobile.  Wrong.  Anyone who has a website related to their business needs to ensure it can be explored via a mobile device.

With the onset of larger mobile screens, consumers use their smartphones to browse the internet while they watch TV at home, while stuck in traffic, and even while they're on desktop computers. In today's digital world, we’re addicted to using a variety of devices for any number of things simultaneously. Don't miss out on prospects by neglecting the mobile world. It's well worth the investment. Here are four compelling reasons why mobile optimization isn’t something you can ignore.

1. Enhance Search Rankings

Did you know that websites that are mobile optimized rank better on Google and other search engines than websites that are not? That's right. Google is very sophisticated.  Their bots can determine how your site will behave on a mobile device.  They understand that mobile consumption is overtaking all other types of traffic.  Google and other search engines detect whether your website will scale accurately on a mobile device and increase or decrease your search rankings based on what they find.  It’s hard enough to compete for search results today.  Don’t handicap yourself by having a poorly designed website that isn’t mobile optimized.

"Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the eprson left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page."

2. Reduce your Bounce Rate

If your website isn't built to support mobile users, your bounce rate will be very high.  Google defines a bounce like this:  “Bounce Rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page.”

In other words, if a consumer comes to your site, lands on the first page and leaves, its considered a bounce from your site.  Your bounce rate also affects your search rankings.  Google pushes sites down the list that people don’t find relevant or informational. What's the point of driving traffic to your site if everyone just leaves after they get there?  

Don't push away your potential customer. Make your company website as accessible as possible. 

3. Increased Usability

Your website design needs to be simple and easy to use for mobile users.  If consumers are accessing your site on their mobile devices, it makes senses that you want to ensure that the navigation and usability are easy right?  With the almost desktop-like functionality of mobile devices, it's no wonder people are searching more and more on their smartphones. Don't push away your potential customers. Make your company website as accessible as possible.  It can mean the difference in a sale instead of a bounce.

4. Create more Sales Leads

If your website is difficult to use on mobile devices, sales leads and interested consumers are going to be hard to come by. With nearly 60% of all mobile device owners spending a considerable amount of their internet time on their mobile device, it’s vital that your site is conducive to easy browsing.  When someone checks out your site using a mobile device, your key selling points or message should be immediately apparent. With limited screen real estate you have to consider what you want people to see.  It should be easy to recognize and activate your calls to action or specials that you’re pushing out to your audience. Without mobile optimization, you're missing potential sales and you're doing a disservice to your company.

Firefly can help you optimize your site for mobile. We're experts at all types of web design. We help customers ranging from small, simple websites to e-commerce solutions for larger companies.