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Infastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud infrastructure is quickly becoming one of the most popular business computing decisions and it's easy to see why. It's efficient, flexible, fast, cost-effective and scalable to grow with your business. Server and desktop virtualization solutions from Firefly provides your company with the best of both worlds, combining the peace of mind you expect from hard-wired systems and the simplicity you're looking for in business IT.

Server Virtualization

What if you could have all the security of a server, without the overhead of purchasing a complex server setup.  With our virtual server solutions, you can. Our cloud servers give you the benefit of state-of-the-art server systems, at a fraction of the cost. And, with a virtual solution, you get the added advantage of mobility...accessing your server whenever you need to, wherever you are. 

Virtual Desktop

Whether you want to reduce costs, maximize productivity or increase reliability, a cloud-based desktop solution is a great option. Secure and easy to use, our cloud desktop can be stand alone or included in your managed service plan with us. Give us a call today to learn what virtual desktop is the best option for your organization's network.