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Cloud Storage & File Sharing


Cloud storage is the most cost-effective way to store your company files.

Not only does it save you money, but it takes efficiency and productivity to the next level by providing you with access where you want it, on the device you want, shared with the people you want to.

Our exclusive Firesync cloud file sharing and storage solution is as unique as your needs. Not only does it provide basic file storage and sharing needs, but it gives the ability to control files better than any other product.


Admin Control of Access and Sharing

Firesync allows you to set policies for what is shared, who can share it, who can see it, what type of files are shared...and more. Whatever your needs, you have the ability to create it. Firesync even lets you create reports surrounding your files, storage use and other important information to your business.

Real Time Collaboration and More

Teamwork has never been easier with Firesync's real time capabilities. But that isn't the only feature that makes Firesync your best tool for collaboration. Our solution also tracks and saves each changes made to documents. So if you need to convert to a previous version of a document, every step is backed up for you. And, it also has the ability to track activities surrounding files, such as who and when it was opened, saved or shared with. The perfect tool for files and documents with more than one user.

Accessibility and Security

No matter the file type, where you are or the device you're on, your files at just at your fingertips with our cloud based storage and file sharing solution. And, because they exist in the cloud, your files are secure. Need a HIPAA compliant cloud storage and sharing solution? Then Firesync is the one for you. Our product meets HIPAA requirements for receiving, maintaining and transmitting electronic protected health information.