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Backup Solutions & Data Recovery

Don't let a computer crash put you in critical condition.

Having a data loss occur isn’t an if, it’s a when. With so many causes, a computer crash can happen to anyone or any business, at any time. And when it does the data loss can be devastating. 

It’s reported that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster.

Creating regularly scheduled backups is imperative and easy. We offer an array of backup solutions and technologies for home and business, including those situations where one backup isn’t enough. For those clients we recommend and implement multiple layers - redundancy, redundancy, redundancy.

And our systems are all-inclusive agents, meaning they fully integrate with your existing systems.

A good backup system provides peace of mind. When a data loss occurs not only will your information be there but, thanks to fast data recovery and recent restoration points, you'll experience a significant reduction in downtime and cost. 

As a leading provider in North Central Washington for computer backup systems,
trust Firefly to protect your important personal files and valuable business data.

Data Loss by the Numbers

During 2015, at least 126,000 people in the U.S. and U.K. lost files stored on their PCs.


Nearly half of all PC users have lost digital files or data at some point in their lives

Over 50% of users reported storing financial information on their PCs

More than 80% of all incidents were caused by hardware failure, human error, or software corruption. 


Nearly 75% of home PC users store work projects on their computers.

It's not if, it's when

1 in 5 people have lost files in the past 2 years


1 in 10 people have lost files in the past 9 months

It's not just data.
It's memories.

90% of people store photos on the computer and have an average of 1,788 photos, equivalent to 5 years of photos

70% of people store music on the computer and have an average of 2,420 songs, equivalent to $2,420 worth of music.

A crashed hard drive doesn't mean a total loss.

If you have an information loss without a backup system, don’t fret because data recovery is one of our specialties! Firefly is the leader in the Wenatchee Valley for data recovery and backups.

We have both the data recovery tools and skilled team necessary to retrieve and recover your data, even when other companies will tell you it’s a lost cause. We’ve tackled and won against many causes of data loss, including:

  • Fire damage
  • Crypto-virus
  • Failed hard drives
  • Hardware & installation conflicts
  • Water damage
  • Bad RAM
  • and many other causes of data loss 

 No challenge is too big for us when it comes to retrieving your invaluable data!