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Microsoft Exchange Online



Reliable & Secure Communication

Exchange Online has advanced intelligence to protect your inbox and keep your information secure, including anti-malware and anti-spam filtering.  Like other programs in the Office 365 suite, Exchange Online uses Microsoft’s globally redundant servers, superior disaster recovery technology and advanced team of security experts to protect your information.

And, with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, you can depend on your email being accessible when you need it.

You have the Power

It’s the best of both worlds when you use Exchange Online for your email. You’ll receive the benefit of hosting on Microsoft’s secure servers, yet you still have complete control over your organization’s information. Through Exchange’s Admin Center you can manage your organization with an easy-to-use, web-based interface.  Using the advanced mobile device support you can approve mobile device lists, even removing confidential company data from phones that go missing. You’ll also have access to Microsoft’s 24/7 Exchange Online phone support.



Email and calendaring is made simple with Exchange Online, which means you and your team get more done. With its automatic updates, it removes the time and effort of maintaining your own server. Because it’s online, this version of Exchange provides you and your employees access to email, calendar, and contacts on nearly any device wherever they are. In the office, laptop and desktop users will enjoy simple integration with Outlook so they can have the same familiar email experience they’re familiar with.