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G Suite by Google Cloud
(formally Google Apps for Business)

With Google Apps for Business you’ll always have the right tools for the job.  This suite of software provides you with all the familiar office software you’re used to including enterprise level email services and the ability to create documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides. It maximizes productivity and collaboration by storing your documents in the cloud, giving users the ability to share files through Google Drive.  

That’s a lot of features in one safe and secure affordable solution!


Simplicity & Flexibility Created for Your On-The-Go Schedule

Work from your computer, tablet or phone all in an interface you’re comfortable with. Create a document on your office desktop, review on your laptop at home, and make final tweaks from your phone in the airport. Your productivity increases because it works where you are. 

Security by Google & Administrative Control by You

Create and change email addresses, manage mobile phones and security settings from your own Google Admin Console. Employee turnover, lost phones and other disruptions no longer jeopardize your sensitive data  when your information is stored with Google Apps  because it's centralized and secure.


Easy to Access & Easy to Share means Increased Productivity

Scheduling events in calendar with Google Apps makes sharing a snap and getting meeting reminders, via email, makes it effective.  You can even join a video meeting in Hangouts and share information such as presentation slides. More productivity, mobility and fewer steps equals higher efficiency for you and your employees.