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Video & Surveillance


Video surveillance not only captures proof of criminal activity and mischievous behavior, but also helps encourage employee efficiency, provides support for HR disputes, and creates overall safety for your employees and premises.

With today’s technology, it's never been easier, more accessible, or affordable to protect your home or your business and its assets.

Our IP-based video monitoring systems are convenient and meant to work with your current technology's infrastructure. With video-over-ip, your system monitors and records over standard networking, which means security cameras can be installed nearly anywhere because 110-volt power and coax cables access aren't needed. As a bonus, our high-quality cameras can securely be viewed in either real-time, or  previously recorded footage, from any location with internet access. 

At Firefly, we only work with top surveillance and video management companies to deliver smart, cost-effective digital security to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  So reliable and secure, you’ll never caught with your video down.


Benefits of Video Surveillance:


Proof of Theft or Other Criminal Activity

In 2015 alone, Washington state reported 248,369 burglaries. We hope you will never be the victim of this or any other criminal activity. But the statistics are high. Let us help you protect your assets and property with quality, invaluable proof. 

Deter Theft and Malicious Activity

No criminal wants to be caught. Well-placed, visible cameras help provide security and act as a crime prevention tool, whether they're outside your building or home or inside your business. Don't become a statistic, call us to find out how Firefly can keep your home or company more secure.


Employee Safety

Your employees put their trust in you that they'll be safe at the workplace. And, we know you want to protect them as much as possible.  Help put their minds at ease and discourage criminal behavior by installing video surveillance throughout your building and parking lots areas. 

Employee Efficiency

We understand that employers like yourself wants to trust and believe in your employees. However there are times that situations will be called into question.  Wouldn't it be nice to have documentation? Retail stores, warehouses, restaurants and even professional offices can benefit from indoor cameras to protect owner's interest. 


Liability Reduction & Lower Insurance

IP video surveillance cameras can help protect your business from fraudulent accident claims. You may also be eligible for reduced insurance premiums, as most carriers offer discounts to policyholders that use surveillance or security cameras on-site.

Complimentary Project Consulting

Firefly offers complimentary consulting services for all IP video surveillance solutions, involving:

Comprehensive project assessment, planning, and solution recommendations
Specific and personalized recommendations for your business location/profession or homestead
Complete equipment specification and installation plan

…all performed by our team members who are experts in video over IP.