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Virus Removal & Antivirus Protection

Ransomware, Malware and Viruses Can Attack At Any Time. Protect Your Computer With Our Anti-Virus Solution.

We can give your computer a clean bill of health

In 2015 alone, over 34% of computer users were subjected to at least one web attack, with over 4.55 billion dollars in costs! No one means for it to happen and we all work hard to avoid it. But with every connection at a restaurant, hotel or other public network, you're risking an infection.

The truth is most of us will have a computer that’s affected by a computer virus, malware or, worse yet, ransomware. Firefly can help mitigate the damage from one of these unwelcome attacks though. 

Virus Removal

Our knowledgeable team of technicians have an average of 14 years of service and they put that experience to work for you. They are proficient in data recovery from multiple types of cyber-attacks and malware, as well as removing the cause. We have a perfect record of data recovery from harmful crypto-virus attacks and our success rate of recovering most recent data in these types of attacks is stellar.

If you have an infected computer, our team will ensure your computer is returned to you quickly and healthy!

Virus Removal From Firefly is Fast And Affordable.
Antivirus Protection From Firefly Helps Keep Your Computer Healthy

Antivirus Protection

Much like our personal health, a healthy computer relies on preventative steps. Software updates, patches and regular maintenance are great ways to keep your computer safe from outside threats, but an antivirus program is the best defense. While you can find free virus protection online, do you really want to leave trust your data to a random program you found on the internet? 

Because the expert team at Firefly takes your data’s protection seriously, we’ve done the legwork to find an affordable, yet powerful tool to keep your data protected. We are constantly in review and monitor antivirus software on the market, so we can continually offer the most reliable, safest antivirus protection available. 

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To maximize your computer protection, we can also package your antivirus subscription with one of our reliable and easy-to-use backup solutions. In the event a virus were to infect your computer before being recognized by your antivirus protection, having a recent backup in place is the quickest, most painless way to get you back to business.